What We Grow


We have a small market garden where we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, focusing on heirloom varieties. Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown and we strive to use the best in sustainable and holistic growing practices. In our pest and disease management, we use physical and cultural controls as our first line of defence, believing that cultivating healthy plants and soils is the best strategy for fending off pests. As a last resort, we use only certified organic chemical controls.
We also raise pigs from the heritage breed called Gloucestershire Old Spots. Our animals are given the best life possible with access to forage and plenty of room to roam. As a supplement to their foraged diet, they receive a non-GMO, soy free feed from a local mill.
 The land we farm is primarily wooded and we are comitted to caring for and preserving these woods in a sustainable manner.

Pork Price List 

Cut                                                           Price/lb

Picnic Roast                                                   $6.00

Boston Butt                                                   $6.50

Plain Ground Pork                                      $7.00

Sage Sausage, bulk                                     $8.00

Chorizo                                                          $8.00

Sweet Italian                                                $8.00

Bratwurst (4 per pack)                              $8.50

Sweet Italian Links (4 per pack)             $8.50

Jalapeno Cheddar Brats                           $8.50

Fresh Kielbasa                                           $8.50

Maple Breakfast Sausage                         $8.50

Chops, bone-in (2 per pack)                     $9.00

Loin Roast                                                   $9.00

Bacon (nitrite/nitrate free)                     $12.00

Canadian Bacon                                        $11.00

                                        Other bits

Bones                                                          $3.00

Back fat                                                      $4.00

Leaf Fat                                                      $4.00

Smoked Ham Hock (nitrite/nitrate free)        $8.00


Forest Raised, Non-GMO feed