Meet Your Farmers

Karen is a pastor in the United Church of Christ and worked as a hospital chaplain before following her passion for food to the farm. Back in Atlanta, she worked for a network of farms that provided training and land for refugees where she learned about all kinds of interesting produce from around the world. Having now settled at Heart & Bones Hollow, it turns out that the farm is a spirit-filled place and Karen often jokes that most of her parishioners have four legs or wings. Karen loves to have her hands in the soil growing beautiful produce to feed her community.


Bones likes to call herself the farmer’s hand. She takes care of all the engines around the farm and loves to build things using reclaimed materials. Her particular passions are for bees and mushrooms.


And what farm would be complete without a couple of cute potato diggers! The kids are involved in many things around the farm from bottle feeding baby goats to eating all the sugar snap peas and strawberries before they get to market.

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