Fall Farm Update

Fall weather seems to have finally arrived. We’ve *almost* had a frost. Growth is slowing down on all the fall veggies and stopped altogether on the summer veggies. We’re slowly putting beds to rest for winter with lots of mulch and compost. The pigs have been enjoying the abundance of acorns that fell this year and are fattening up nicely. And, most exciting, the mushroom logs have begun fruiting! We inoculated some shiitake logs in February and we’re finally getting to enjoy some of their delicious offerings. We plan to inoculate many more logs this winter so we can bring mushrooms to market next year.


The Scottsville Farmer’s Market goes through Thanksgiving, so you can still find us there with a variety of greens and root vegetables. We also have a variety of pork cuts including some boston butts perfect for smoking and a few holiday hams to grace your Thanksgiving or Christmas tables.

Forest Raised Pork Current Price List

happy-pigOur freezers are stocked up with a variety of pork cuts and sausage. Our pigs are raised in our hardwood and pine forests, foraging on the forest floor. They also work as scrub land clearers, helping us to remove invasive species and prepare new ground for production. In addition to their forage they receive scraps/waste from the garden and a non-GMO feed to balance their diet. Their meat is sweet and tender.

To buy some of our pork, find us at the Scottsville Farmers Market on Saturdays beginning April 7th. Starting in May you can find us every Wednesday in Meade Park for the Farmers in the Park Market from 3-7. Or, email us at heartandboneshollow@gmail.com to arrange a time to come to the farm to pick up your order. We may also be able to arrange delivery to Charlottesville or Richmond.

Pork Price List 

Cut                                                           Price/lb

Picnic Roast                                                   $6.00

Boston Butt                                                   $6.50

Plain Ground Pork                                      $7.00

Sage Sausage, bulk                                     $8.00

                                         Chorizo                                                          $8.00

Sweet Italian                                                $8.00

Bratwurst (4 per pack)                              $8.50

Sweet Italian Links (4 per pack)             $8.50

                                          Jalapeno Cheddar Brats                           $8.50

Fresh Kielbasa                                           $8.50

Maple Breakfast Sausage                         $8.50

Chops, bone-in (2 per pack)                     $9.00

Loin Roast                                                   $9.00

Bacon (nitrite/nitrate free)                     $12.00

                                         Canadian Bacon                                        $11.00

                                        Other bits

Bones                                                          $3.00

Back fat                                                      $4.00

                                           Leaf Fat                                                      $4.00

Smoked Ham Hock (nitrite/nitrate free)        $8.00


Forest Raised, Non-GMO feed