Sowing Seeds


If you’ve read our Meet Your Farmers page, then you know that I went to seminary some years ago and have served in a number of ministries before coming to the farm. When we moved here I thought I was finished with that part of my life. Well, you know what they say about God and plans…

After lots of conversations with friends and neighbors who hadn’t found a church in our community where they felt like they really belonged, I began to feel called to help create a faith community here where everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome at the table. With the help of my church, Sojourners United Church of Christ in Charlottesville, and a couple good friends, I’ve been working toward sowing the seeds of a new church for this community. We are gathering once a month around a shared meal and worship.  As the United Church of Christ (UCC) says, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome. There is room at the table for everyone.

As a part of moving into this new ministry, I was ordained in the UCC this past Sunday. It was a beautiful service and affirmation of all that has led me to this moment. I feel overwhelmed with the love and support of this community, of my church Sojourners, and all the friends and family who came to share in the celebration with me or who celebrated with me from afar.

I have no intention of giving up this farming thing as I also move into a more active role in ministry. The two are not really separate to me. Being a farmer feeds my body and soul, keeps me grounded, and connects me deeply to this community as I also feed you. The work of farming is my daily prayer for the seeds I sow, for the earth that I work to regenerate, for the critters that I love and tend, for the folks who will eat the vegetables and meat I produce, and for those who visit the farm to snuggle goats or take a meditative walk through our woods.

I don’t know yet what it will look like as I work to bring these two realms of farming and faith together. I am attending a week-long fellowship this summer centered around the intersection of faith, food and farming. I’m excited to gather with others who share these loves of mine – to dream and vision together. In the meantime, I will, as always, be bringing great food to you grown with love and pray. And, if you are so inclined, you could join us for a meal and worship on the first Sunday of the month at 6 PM at the Fluvanna Community Center.


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