Pork Shares

We are excited to begin offering pork shares for our customers who want to stock their freezers with lots of tasty pork. Shares are an opportunity to get our pork at a reduced rate compared to buying retail from us at market. Plus, you get to choose how your half or whole pig is cut and processed into a variety of roasts, chops or sausages. The options are quite varied and we’ll help you fill out your cut sheet to get the most out of your share.

Shares come as either whole or half shares. You pay $3.50/lb on the hanging weight plus the cost of butcher. Butcher costs start at $0.80/lb and go up from there depending on the sausage and curing options you choose. Exact weight won’t be known until we take them to the butcher, but for reference our last two pigs came to a hanging weight of around 165 lbs each.

We are hoping to have two pigs available for shares around the end of April. $100 deposit is required to reserve your share, with the remainder due when we deliver your pork (generally 2-3 weeks after butcher date). If you are interested in getting a share, please email us through our contact page. 

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