photo by Theresa N. White Photography

Kidding season is here and we’ve been blessed with all does! Twins from one doe and triplets from the other. We have one more doe who *might* be pregnant, but not due for another month or so. Unfortunately, one of the kids was killed by a dog, leaving us with four. Farming is heart wrenching somedays! Still we are loving on the remaining kids and enjoying their silly antics. We plan to keep two and offer two up for sale. They have all been disbudded and all are registerable with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association as Mini-LaManchas.

The two doelings available will stay with their mom until mid-May. Please email us through the contact page if you are interested in purchasing either of these two cuties. Both of the mothers are first fresheners. There udders are looking good, but I haven’t started milking them yet, so I can’t speak to their production. However, they come from good milking lines.

photo by Theresa N. White Photography

Licorice is one of the triplets. She is available for purchase – $250. She has elf ears, which conforms to breed standard for mini lamacha does.

photo by Theresa N. White Photography

Truffle is another one of the triplets and is available for $200. Her upright ears do not conform to breed standards and she should be registered as experimental. We still think she’s adorable though!

photo by Theresa N. White Photography

Butterfinger is the third triplet. She is about half the size of her sisters. We will be keeping her because my kids have fallen in love with her. Her mother rejected her, so she has been on the bottle and spends and lot of time hagning out with us. She is super friendly and so stinking cute, there’s no way we could let her go!

photo by Theresa N. White Photography

Finally, Snickers is the surviving twin. She comes from my favorite doe and is the spitting image of her mother. We’re hoping she will grow up to be a fine doe for us and will breed her next year.

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